Welcome to TigerLead Talk

Hello Tigers! By popular demand, welcome to the first ever TigerLead blog post.  Our new series of frequent blog posts will cover a wide variety of topics such as recent and upcoming TigerLead events and news; Tiger client success stories shared; hot tips, strategies and advice for lead follow up and client communication; upcoming TigerLead tech releases; important real estate news, developments and headlines; general business advice and focused real estate coaching; and much, much more!  Newsworthy, noteworthy, educational, motivational, and fun…welcome to TigerLeadTalk.

-Howard Tager, Co-Founder TigerLead Solutions and Senior Vice President, Move Inc.

client shot

Above image: Tiger clients learning and sharing at our annual Success Summit!

  • Susan

    Hope everyone is having success !!!

    • Thanks for checking out the blog, Susan!

  • I’m looking forward to following the blog, and am sure it’ll be very interesting & useful.