Getting the Most Out of Your Priority Dashboard

When you’ve got a lot of leads, it can be hard to stay on top of them all. How do you know which leads really need your attention and are the most likely to buy? Fortunately, the Priority Dashboard will do the hard work for you and let you know exactly which leads to target!

Using several years’ worth of data on which leads eventually go on to buy a home, the Priority Dashboard will watch your lead’s activity and identify which leads are exhibiting behavior that typically indicates when someone becomes a serious buyer. Once the system identifies such a lead, it moves them to the Priority Leads section, which is the first page you see when you log in to your Dashboard.


As you can see in the picture – and hopefully recognize from your Dashboard! – both New Leads and Priority Leads are prominently displayed for you. New Leads are people who have recently signed up and have not yet received a phone call. Priority Leads are the leads, new or old, who are exhibiting serious-buyer behavior. In other words, they’re the ones you need to call today!

Once you call a Priority Lead, you can decide if you want to keep them in the Priority Lead queue or defer them. By clicking the button by their name, you can choose to remove them from the queue until their next activity (such as searching for homes on your site), for at least a week, or for at least a month. This allows you to keep your Priority Leads list clean, only showing the leads who need your attention right away.

Remember that the Priority Dashboard tracks not just new leads, but old ones! After all, some leads may take years to incubate – if you have three year’s worth of leads in your system, you probably don’t have time to comb through thousands of them looking for people who are suddenly ready to buy. All you have to do with those slower-paced buyers is let our automatic listing alerts keep in touch with them, and keep an eye on the Priority Leads list for when they get really serious!

Go to any real estate conference, and you’ll hear people telling you to put 80% of your time into 20% of your leads. The Priority Dashboard makes it easy to find out just which leads really deserve your time and attention, giving you yet another tool to improve your ROI!

– The Client Services Team