Do You Know What Pawsmobile Can Do?

Pawsmobile was released eight weeks ago and we’ve been thrilled to see all the lead follow-up that is now taking place more expeditiously and conveniently by our clients on the go.  If you’re not yet using Pawsmobile, what are you waiting for?!  And even if you consider yourself a power user, there’s always more to learn.  Did you know that Pawsmobile has a useful option that is not yet available in full Paws?  Check it out:

Let’s say you’ve just received your daily “Leads Requiring Action” email from Tiger.

TigerLead Talk | Pawsmobile Leads Email

And, as you should, you’ve clicked through on a link in the email and arrived in Pawsmobile.

TigerLead Talk | Pawsmobile Dashboard

If you have New Leads then of course you’ll always want to start with those first, but let’s say you’re caught up with New Leads and you decide to dive into your Priority Leads. Remember that Priority Leads are identified by an algorithm that pulls in leads with recent and meaningful activity on your Tiger site.

Now, in a perfect world, you would review and follow-up with all of your Priority Leads each day.  Many agents and teams can’t quite meet that standard, so even within Priority Leads we have to prioritize!

Within a big batch of Priority Leads, what are the best ways to prioritize which leads you should contact?  The sorting options are shown at the top of the screen, and the default sort is “Last Login” i.e. the leads most recently active on your site.  But if your site gets a ton of repeat visitors, some of whom are just window-shoppers, then maybe there is an even better way to prioritize.

TigerLead Talk | Priority Leads

Click on the sort option down-arrow at the top of the screen to reveal all the other options.

And here’s the secret: Try sorting by Last Contact – Oldest to Recent.  In essence, you are saying “Within the Priority Leads – those most active, highest quality leads – show me the ones who have been waiting the longest since they last heard from me!”

Give it a try and see if you can uncover leads with whom you might have a lot to talk about (their recent search activity) but who you haven’t reached out to in a long time!

By the way, this sort capability will be coming to full Paws soon too.  Thanks for listening Tigers and Happy Hunting!

– The TigerLead Team

  • Thanks – Great Tip. Is there anyway to set a default sort order?

    • Thanks for the great question, Bernie! At this time, there is not a way to set a default sort order in PAWSmobile, but we are always working on new developments and improvements so this functionality may be available in the future.

  • is there a way if I direct a client to Tiger lead site that they can put in that they are my client instead of going to round robin?

    • Great question, Tammy! Yes, there is definitely a way to do that. We can set up a sub-domain specifically for you. When you direct a lead to this site and they register on that sub-domain, that lead will be automatically assigned to you, rather than filtering through the round-robin. It’s also a great way to track where your leads are coming from. Please let our support team know if this is an option that you would like learn more about and take advantage of by emailing us at