Success Summit Tips: Team Retention

Sandy Raines’ 26 team members, working in the greater Columbus area, have been with her for an average of 6.7 years! How does she keep her team members engaged, improving, and happy? At our Success Summit in Las Vegas this past April, Sandy gave a presentation sharing her expertise with us, and today we’re going to share it with you! You can download Sandy’s PowerPoint presentation by clicking here!

As you’ll see in the PowerPoint, there are a variety of tools they use, including daily activity records, daily one-on-one meetings between the agents and managers, setting clear goals, and incentive programs like sales contests and team events. Both the operations team and the sales team meet every day for a short huddle, and everyone maintains a daily activity record. You can see a small sample of that in the picture to the side, and there’s a full copy of it in the PowerPoint file.TigerLead Talk | Daily Activity Report

Every week, Sandy’s teams meet for training on a new topic. Each individual also meets with their manager to review their own performance, development, and progress towards their goals.

Less-frequent activities include a bi-annual team dinner and shopping trip, and a mandatory annual team-building and business-planning day. There are also incentive-based programs, like a week in a Florida condo for for the agent with the most listings.

TigerLead Talk | Team BuildingSandy wraps up with her four most important aspects of team retention: Hiring the Right People, Effective Communication, Ongoing Training & Accountability, and Creating a Positive Culture. Download her PowerPoint presentation at this link for more details on how she accomplishes this, and a big thanks to Sandy for sharing her experiences with us!

TigerLead Talk | Sandy Raines