Using the Automated Listing Alerts to Your Advantage

A key to turning leads into clients is bringing the right property to their attention, but setting up individual listing alerts for each lead on your MLS search feature can be a very time consuming and manual process.

This is why all leads that register on your TigerLead site are automatically set up to receive weekly listing alerts that contain the most up to date information on all new and updated listings that match their search criteria!

As you can see from the photo, the listing alerts provide your leads with all of the information that they could ask for!  However, as time goes on, a lead’s home needs can change.  To ensure that these alerts continue to be relevant to your leads, you should update each lead’s saved search criteria.

TigerLead Talk| Listing Alert

Do this even if you were not able to get them on the phone. Your Paws dashboard is full of information that we’ve gathered through their use of the search site, such as: the properties that the lead has viewed, the listings that they have favorited, and even properties that the lead has emailed to friends and family cialis overnight shipping. Take advantage of this information as you update their search parameters. It could be as simple as changing their price points, or adding a keyword to their search. It takes just a few clicks of your mouse!  Be proactive. This is your chance to show your lead that you are listening to them and that you care that they receive information on properties that they want to see!

One of our clients shared this wonderful note about how beneficial these listing alerts are, even if your lead has been unresponsive to your other follow-up attempts.

A 339 day old out of state lead who never responded to my phone call or emails called me out of the blue tonight. He said thanks for all the listings you have been sending me and I love the one you sent me today and am driving to Idaho to see it. It’s a $485,000 listing!

– George Tallabas

Always remember that your leads want to see these properties, just as much as you want them to see the properties.  If you hear of a listing that you think your lead would like, don’t wait for the automated listing alert, send it out to the lead immediately!  If you need any information on how to update a lead’s search or push out a listing alert to your lead in Paws, just call or email the Client Services team. We’ll be happy to help!

I’ll end with a story from one of our top producing clients, Nicki Conway.  Nicki says “… You have a gold mine of info about each lead. ..Someone saves a fav listing, send them a link to more info about that neighborhood. I could go on all night. But you get the gist. You will be more successful converting leads if you can keep it personal and meaningful to the lead. Slow down and pay attention to their needs…”

– Tre Moraga, Client Services Team