Tips from Fellow Tigers: Managing Agents

Phyllis Brown has been using TigerLead since 2008, in the “Triangle” area of North Carolina. A few months ago, she wrote about her experience with different models for her team and her business. If you’re wondering how to manage your agents and structure your business, this is definitely a must-read!

Having been with Tiger for almost 5 years, I’ve tried a lot of different business models, especially after hearing what others have done. You have to find the model that works best for you and your team. I have applied the same philosophy to my agents: all agents are not created equal. I find strong agents and I don’t burden them down with a lot of ‘have to’s.’ I give them the ability to use the tools in Tiger that best mesh with their personality. I do require that they contact all leads the same day, both via phone and email, and I do keep a constant watch on the effort they extend; but when an agent can turn the leads and perform, I back off.

I require that they use the PAWS system so I can see that they are in contact with the leads, and I also require them to let me know when they need a break. I don’t accept the excuse that they were too busy to contact a lead. I make it very clear that it is not a negative to rotate out for a while to catch up, as we all have situations where several leads come into town at the same time. I would rather know that they can’t get to the lead and send it to someone who can, rather than find out about an uncontacted lead at the end of the day.

When an agent starts working Tiger leads, I stick pretty close so I can give them feedback on things to do better and tell them when they’re doing great. I was told by several agents that, given the opportunity that I have for them, they are more worried about letting me down. They have no skin in the game to build their own business, but once they see the power in Tiger, they have a lot to lose if I take it away. I have had several of my referral agents go out on their own and start their own businesses, and that’s the most rewarding thing to watch. They are also very careful when referring agents to me that they think will do well with Tiger. Given my time frame, I have to be quick to hire, but also be quicker to ‘fire’.

ATTITUDE is what will get you somewhere in real estate. While I try to find agents with only a few years in the business, I also look for those that LOVE it!! I can send a lead to 3 different agents and the one that sounds passionate about helping that lead, talking to people, and just generally loving life will be the one they want to talk to. One way that I try to zero in on the right agent is to try and give them leads in their geographical area. That way they can reach out to someone about more than just a house. They can elaborate on lifestyle, neighborhoods, things to do, etc.

I have one new agent, and I believe there were only 6 leads out of 50 that I gave her that she was not able to communicate with in some way, due to wrong numbers and no email responses. She even got responses from people that only gave initials for names. Some of the most successful agents communicate with the leads like they know them already. Some people have that knack for not sounding like a used car salesman. Giving agents the ability to use their strengths individually is harder to keep up with, but I believe I will see a larger pay off in the end. They love Tiger as much as I do and appreciate the opportunity they have been given.

– Phyllis Brown