Text Your Leads!

Do you ever screen your phone calls? Many of us do, from time to time. But what about your text messages? Most people will check their texts even if they won’t pick up the phone, so texting is a quick and effective way to contact your leads! This is especially true if you haven’t been able to reach your leads through phone calls or emails, or if you’re on the go and don’t have time to spare.

If you want to try texting your leads, start with your email or text notification from Paws. We run each lead you receive through a reverse phone look-up, and can sometimes determine that a lead’s contact number is wireless. When this happens you’ll see (WIRELESS) in parentheses next to the phone number in your email or text notification. That’s your green light to go ahead and start texting that lead.

If you’re worried about running up your phone bill, you might try getting a Google Voice number. With a phone number from Google Voice, you can text all you want for free. Google Voice will also keep a written record of all replies and will forward them to your email if you’d like. They have a mobile app for IPhone, Blackberry, and Android as well. Those text records will make it even easier for you to log your text in PAWSMobile, where you have access to the SMS activity to help keep you organized.

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What makes a good text? The most important elements are a concierge approach and a call to action, just like a phone call or an email. You want the lead to feel as though you’re there to help them with their search and give them a reason to want to talk with you. You can ask a question or just ask them to reply to your text to get an offer or additional information from you.

It might seem like a challenge to created a personalized message with only 160 characters, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. Just including a favorite property from their searches or even a specific area where your lead is looking can add a more personal touch. For example, if your lead is relocating and your area is new to them, texting something like, “There’s lots to do in (area), text me back if you’d like more information,” can show them that you have their personal circumstances in mind.

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I’d like to end with an anecdote that Susie Hall shared with us about the potential power in texting. She organized a “Tacos and Texting Tuesday with Tiger” event with her team and got these results:

“We sent 144 texts (would have been higher but some of the agents had to stop to talk to leads that responded!) had 17 leads respond, 9 of those are now identified as true buyers that do not have an agent (all had previously not responded to any attempts) and 2 buyer presentation appointments were set. One of our agents connected with a million dollar buyer and they had great communication tonight, another agent connected with a 1.2 million dollar buyer!”

Contact Client Services if you’d like help setting up your own texting night!
-Danielle Carne, Client Services Team