Responding to Leads Who have Inquired on a Listing that is No Longer Available

It’s a quick turnover market out there these days, and in some areas, homes are listed today, contracted tomorrow.  Because of this, Realtors work quickly to make sure that buyer leads don’t miss out on their dream homes. Your buyer leads have the ability to request a showing or more information on their favorite homes among the most up-to-date listings on your Tiger search site. But, whether it’s a Tiger lead, a lead from an outside source, or a lead that you’ve personally imported, it’s possible that the home a lead requested information on may no longer be on the market by the time you’re able to reach out to them.

It may seem like you’re about to deliver bad news to a lead, but it’s exactly the opposite. This is a great opportunity to turn that around and present a lead with dozens of homes that match their dream home search criteria. Here are a few steps that you should take in order to achieve the greatest success with these leads:

1.       Contact the lead immediately, even if their dream home is no longer available. These leads are waiting to hear back from a realtor for details on the home they request information on. Leads tend to work with the first point of contact, and we want that contact to be you.

2.       Find out more about the lead’s home search. When you call a lead to let them know that the listing may no longer be available, take the opportunity to find out what aspects they really loved about the house and what they are looking for in a home. Chances are that if a lead requested specific information on a home, they are a motivated home buyer. One of our Pennsylvania Tigers, Colt Solliday, lets leads know that being a realtor “does come with the down side of sometimes having to tell someone that a home that caught their eye isn’t available anymore. In these times, though, I like to take the proactive role and search out something that makes you say WOW just as much [as that unavailable listing], so how about you give me some more details as to what it is that catches your eye, and I’ll work my magic to find you something.

3.       Send leads to your Tiger search site. Your Tiger search site, unlike other search sites out there, updates with data as frequently as possible –every 15 minutes for most MLS boards. Your leads will rarely encounter an inactive listing. Not to mention, both you and your leads will get all of the details on the homes they are viewing and selecting as favorites.

4.       Set the lead up on automated listing alerts. As Rhonda Gailey, a Tiger in Georgia, points out, if a lead inquires on a listing that is already sold or is no longer available, it causes a sense of urgency. The Paws system sends leads updated listing email alerts for new and price reduced homes on a weekly or daily basis. Update the search criteria on the saved search so that you send leads desired listings and get them in the car quick!

-Samantha LaPointe, Client Services Team