Staying Organized in Paws

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? Well, the Paws dashboard has some great features that allow you to organize your leads’ information and increase your follow-up productivity.

1. Create a written follow-up system. The best thing you can do to help yourself stay organized in Paws is create a written follow-up system for your team. Knowing when and how you’re supposed to contact your leads will help you stay organized and help you more effectively work those leads. If you’d like some help or advice on creating a written follow up system, contact and we can provide you with some tools.

2. Use follow-up dates. You’ll be able to make sure you’re hitting all of those points of contact that are outlined in your written system by using the follow-up date built into your dashboard. You have the option to receive an email from TigerLead each day with a list of your new leads to contact and your priority leads. If you use the follow-up date function in Paws, those leads with that day’s date will be included in that email as well.

TigerLead Talk| Follow Up Date

3. Update your lead’s status. Do you have someone who is a strong prospect? Mark them as such. This will allow you to sort your leads with one click to identify who is where in the home buying or selling process, from the initial contact to the closed sale. Is someone’s buying timeframe 12+ months? Mark them ‘Ignore – Not Ready’. Changing your lead’s status to any status option in the drop-down menu from ‘Closed Sale’ down to ‘Discard – Duplicate’ will move them to your inactive dashboard, allowing you to concentrate on those leads who need your attention right now. Don’t forget to periodically check your inactive leads to see if anyone is ready to be moved back to your active dashboard.
TigerLead Talk| Change Status

4. Mark contact info as valid or invalid. Marking a valid phone number or email address with a green check mark or an invalid one with a red X allows you to see at a glance the best way to contact a lead when you revisit them in the future. Simply click on the gray question mark once to validate and twice to invalidate.

TigerLead Talk| Validate Contact

5. Utilize a star system. This is where you can get creative. TigerLead doesn’t assign any predetermined values to the star system in Paws, so find what works best for your team. Maybe one star means the lead just started looking and five stars means they’re about to complete a purchase. Or maybe each star designates a different geographical location within your area. Talk to your team leader about how your team can best use this feature.

TigerLead Talk| Star

Remember that doing a little bit of work to organize up front can really save you time in the future. These can all be great time savers that will allow you to concentrate on what really matters – your leads and their real estate needs.

-Chrissi Burnett, Client Services Team