Personalizing Communication with Leads

The importance of personalized communication can’t be emphasized enough. Taking a little extra time and personalizing an email, or making sure to have great talking points that are tailored to the lead when making a phone call, can make all the difference.  Our most successful clients demonstrate the success of the “concierge approach” – you are your lead’s ambassador to their new home.  Don’t try to sell the lead on the first call – instead, help them learn to really use your TigerLead search site to find that perfect home, and show them why they should choose you as their Realtor.

Fortunately, your TigerLead dashboard provides you with a wealth of information about each of your leads and ways to track information that you gather during your communications.  Take a look at leads’ saved searches and properties they’ve marked as favorites before reaching out. This puts you in the position to discuss their search criteria and any features that pop from those favorited listings – “So Joe, you seem really interested in a property with a pool; do your kids like to swim?”  “Katie, I noticed that you’ve looked at a number of homes in this zip code – what is it about that neighborhood that you like?”

Get your leads talking.  Ask them questions that are easy to answer.  Share your knowledge,  and don’t forget to record what you’ve learned in Paws as a note. You can make it sticky to keep it on top so that it’s the first thing you see on a lead’s page before you reach out to them again.

TigerLead Talk | Sticky Note

Dominic Labriola (a client who works out of both West Los Angeles, CA and Lake Havasu, AZ) belongs to The Concierge Service Team, and he asserts the importance of service when reaching out to your leads: “When we phone our leads, we try to approach them from a position of care.  It’s the centered, calm space that we come from that we have found resonates best with them.  If you approach them from a true position of service, expressing to them that you are there to support them and that you aren’t attached to an outcome from them but that you just want to help them, they’ll recognize that and give you their loyalty.”

Listing alerts will bring your leads back to your Tiger search site, but building a relationship with your leads will bring them back to YOU.  Give them a reason to respond to an email, or answer a text, or pick up the phone when you call.  Make sure to smile when you call – your leads can hear it in your voice, and it sets the tone for the entire conversation.  Show some personality and make them feel that you are interested in their search for a new home!

– Renee LeClaire, Client Services Team