Tips and Advice on the Top Reports to Run in your Dashboard

Reports are a fantastic tool to collect information from your dashboard quickly and efficiently. You have all this information at your fingertips, but do you know how to gather that information?

The very first and probably the most important aspect to running a great report is to make sure you have information to report off of. This means you are logging every single interaction between leads including but not limited to logging phone calls, emails, notes, face-to-face meetings, offers, and closings.

Paws includes a series of reports to make sure you are right on track with persistent and consistent follow up. The “Reports” section of the dashboard will provide you with some of the most commonly used reports, and the “Customize” section will give you the freedom to create a more detailed or date-oriented report.

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What Reports Should I be Running?

It is a great idea to remember your “Invalid” leads when running a report. Some people tend to forget about their Invalid leads but including them is just one of many ways to ensure that you are properly following up with each and every lead. Here are a few highly recommended reports you can run in your dashboard to guarantee the correct follow-up protocol has been executed.

“No Double-Contacts (Email & Call)”

You don’t want any lead left behind. Every single lead should have a minimum of one phone call and one email logged in the dashboard. You can quickly run a report to verify that everyone in your system has been contacted by both phone and email.  This is located in the “Reports” section titled “No Double-Contact (Email & Call).”

“No Phone Calls Made” & “No Emails Sent”

These are two additional reports that are great to run to ensure proper follow up. You have the freedom to break up your report by “No Phone Calls Made” or “No Emails Sent”. These reports are also located in the “Reports” section of your Dashboard.

“Last Login”

Do you want to see which leads have logged into your site the past couple of days? This is a fantastic report to see what leads are being proactive in your system and ultimately may be a little further along in their home search. You don’t want to forget about any of your leads when creating this search and so be sure to check your inactive and active leads. If you see an inactive lead has recently logged into your site, this is a fantastic indicator that maybe they are a little further along in their home search than expected and it’s the perfect time to reach back out to them.  In order to run this report make sure both the active and inactive lead boxes are checked. From your Dashboard you will just need to click the Column “Last Login” This report takes about 2 seconds and is one of the most valuable reports in the dashboard.


Any report you create in the “Reports” section can be customized to your needs in the “Customize” reporting section. You have the ability to run a report on particular agents, a date range, your lead’s price range, buyer time frame, or a combination of different search criteria.   You can even filter out the leads that you do not want to appear in your report.

“Dates of Last Activity

This is in the “Customize” reporting section and it gives you the ability to run a report on your lead’s activity with any date range. Want to know who called you this week, or even who has responded to your emails in the last month? This is the perfect place to look at just that.

These are just a few reports that we hear at TigerLead would recommend to ensure that persistent and consistent follow up is executed. The support team is always available to help you configure the right report! Call Client Services at 888-844-3744 or email us at Which reports do you use on a regular basis? We would love to hear your responses!

– Erica Carter, Client Services Team