Send Your Leads the Listings THEY Want to See

Choosing a home can be a long path fraught with many options and it’s a path that every single one of your leads is walking. Can they stretch their budget to get the man-cave of their dreams? Do they really want a pool or a deck? Is their family going to get any bigger? All of these things affect the listings your leads want to see. And as their Realtor you have the ability to control which listings your leads are automatically being sent on a weekly or daily basis.

While the key points of contact between you and your leads are going to be phone calls, texts and personalized emails, the automatic listings emails are the perfect supplement to keep your leads coming back to the site. Here at TigerLead, we automatically compile and send listing emails based on each saved search for each lead, and on the Paws dashboard we offer a range of options for editing those saved searches.

TigerLead Talk | Saved Searches

Straight away, by clicking the plus sign to the left of any saved search you can see not only what the search criteria are but also the frequency of the emails (daily or weekly) and the alert types (Do they want emails when there are new listings, or when prices have been reduced in their area?).

More importantly, if they are a longer-term client you can also see when they were sent previous automatic listing emails, which emails they opened and if and when they clicked on any of the listings that were sent to them. By clicking on the blue text you can see which listings were in each email so you have a great idea of what really catches the eye of that particular lead.

TigerLead Talk | Listing Alert

You can edit the frequency of the alerts by clicking the Edit Email Alerts link. Not every lead will want to get daily emails but if you’ve spoken to a lead and you know that lead is keen to see the latest listings as soon as they appear, it’s time to make that change. You can also adjust the search criteria by clicking the Run Search icon, making the changes and saving. This goes hand in hand with the concierge-style approach of contacting leads and asking questions. You know a lead who is thinking of having a child? Time to add an extra bedroom to the search criteria. The lead got a new job? Hike up the maximum price for the listings a little. Just by making small changes like these you will not only send leads listings that really catch their attention but you will also give those leads the impression that you are hunting down listings every day just to suit their needs. You will feel the difference every time you sort your leads by Last Login and see older leads swarming back to the site.

If you have any questions about editing those saved searches reach out to us here at Client Services and we’ll be happy to help!

– David Martin, Client Services Team