What to Say to Leads

Nicki Conway has been using TigerLead for nearly six years in Sarasota, Florida. In that time, she’s shared her phone and email scripts with hundreds of TigerLead clients – you can find them on our Facebook group – and at this year’s Success Summit, she gave an excellent breakdown of the key points for communicating with a lead. You can download her presentation at this link!

TigerLead Talk | Nicki ConwayAs every realtor knows, it’s important to demonstrate value to the lead. Nicki recommends sending links to local websites (ideally your own) that go into detail about the area. If you’re linking the lead to your blog, make sure it includes a link back to your TigerLead site as well!

The most successful emails are the ones that are personalized, not drip campaigns or copy-pasted mass mailings. You can also offer things they might not have ready access to (like a list of foreclosures or distressed sales), or mention a house they looked at on your site and talk about how wonderful it looks.

If you haven’t been getting responses from a lead, Nicki recommends two advanced tactics: “make them feel guilty” and “scare them”! This can be as simple as sending an email asking if you did something wrong to lose their interest, or telling them in a friendly tone that if they aren’t interested you can cancel their membership for them.

Once you’ve got someone on the phone or in the office, don’t forget to listen to what the lead says, and to use their name in conversation. Dragging things out can seem disrespectful of the lead’s time, so be quick and to the point, making sure to give the lead ample opportunity to speak. In face-to-face meetings, Nicki recommends not sitting with physical objects like desks in-between yourself and the lead, and don’t forget to keep a close eye on both their body language and your own.

For the full presentation, click here to download the PowerPoint file. Thanks for all your hard work, Nicki!

– The TigerLead Team