Get More Leads in Your Paws Dashboard

Each TigerLead license comes with an IDX website that allows your leads to search for homes, but did you know that we also offer options to integrate these search capabilities into your own branded website and are even able to set up subdomains so that you can track the source of your leads? Using these tools will allow you to really get creative with the ways you can attract additional leads that you can then cultivate in your Paws dashboard.

Branded Site Integration
Many realtors have a branded website that allows potential clients to find out more information about them and their company. Why not give your non-Tiger leads an option to search for homes there as well? By using your TigerLead search as your IDX solution on your branded site, you’re opening up another great way to capture leads. Robin Sherman in Pensacola is integrating her full Tiger search site within her branded site, Whenever a new lead comes to her site to learn more about her and her team, they also have the option to search for homes. Now when a lead registers on her branded site, they are added to Robin’s
Paws dashboard where she can see that they originated from that site.

TigerLead Talk | Branded Site with Tiger IDX Solution

In addition to the full site integration shown above, we also offer the ability to integrate a simple search form or featured listings for your office.

Another great way to stretch the reach of your TigerLead website is by using subdomains. Are you planning a postcard mailing or a Craigslist ad? Ask us to create a subdomain like “” or “” This will give you a site that is specific to your project and you will be able to track which leads are signing up through each campaign in your Paws dashboard. Every lead in your dashboard has a domain code listed in the domain column. If you hover your mouse over that code, you will see the domain or subdomain on which your lead registered. In the example below, this lead registered on the subdomain which has a Paws code of ‘SD’.

TigerLead Talk |

George Tallabas, a Tiger licensee in Idaho, has been very successful with using subdomains for Craigslist advertising. He likes to link his Craigslist ad to a select group of properties on his subdomain, for example foreclosed homes in a specific neighborhood, along with creative text that will really catch a potential lead’s attention. Once a lead registers through that subdomain, he’s able to see when and how many of his leads are signing up through the Craigslist ad. He says that “the sky is the limit” when it comes to what you can do with subdomains. It just takes the willingness to think outside of the box a bit.

We can also create a subdomain for each of your team members that can be set up to automatically assign any leads who register there to that specific agent. This is a great way for each agent to promote himself or herself and reap the rewards of additional registered leads.

Please contact Client Services at 888-844-3744 or if you would like more information about branded site integration or if you would like us to set up any subdomains for your team.

-Chrissi Burnett, Client Services Team