Managing Your Team through Paws

Managing your team through Paws

Having the right team is incredibly important to success, and here at TigerLead we want to make sure you have all of the tools you need so that each team member is as comfortable as you are at using the system, whether they are a rookie or a seasoned veteran.


Adding a new user or modifying an existing user is as simple as going to the Team Management tab on your dashboard and selecting Add/Edit Users from the drop-down menu.

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From here you have control over every aspect of the user’s account. You can ensure that they are getting the notifications they need to be able to follow up with leads as quickly as possible, you can make sure that their email signatures are professional and informative, and most importantly you can decide how much access they have. Do you want the new agent to have the same access as you with the ability to see all of your leads, reassign leads and add new users themselves? Then you can simply check the Licensee Access box.

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Some smaller teams work well with just one team leader with Licensee access and every other member focusing only on those leads that have been assigned to them. Other teams might be a little larger and may benefit from having multiple Licensees able to keep an eye on the performance of individual members and the team as a whole. You, as a team leader, have the responsibility and the capability to decide who in your team deserves to have the same level of access to the leads as you do.

Once you have your team fully set up it’s time to decide how the leads are assigned. While smaller teams can work with a team leader manually assigning leads or with an ISA contacting every lead, larger teams may need to make use of TigerLead’s automatic lead distribution. To find this option on the dashboard you would need to click the Team Management tab and then select Lead Distribution from the drop down menu.

Our automatic lead distribution system gives you a range of options for making sure each team member is getting their fair share of the lead flow. It’s not just a practical way of distributing leads but you can also use it as an incentive tool. One team member is outshining the rest? Why not put him on the lead distribution two times so he’s getting twice as many leads as anyone else? On the flip side, if a team member isn’t pulling their weight you can give them a “time out” from the lead distribution for a while. A TigerLead lead is a valuable thing, so it’s important to make sure that the agent you are assigning it to has earned it!

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If you give your agents the chance to access leads, you can see if they rise to the occasion or fall behind. Using these tools to make sure the agents have that chance is one of the keys to success.


-David Martin, Client Services