Rhonda Shares the Secret to Her Success with TigerLead!

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Hello Tigers, and happy holidays!  We hope you’re keeping warm out there!

This week we bring you the firsthand experience of one of our highest-producing TigerLead licensees, Rhonda Gailey.  Rhonda holds several licenses in Georgia, and started with Tiger in early 2013.  Rhonda’s dashboard is a thing of beauty and her team is a well-oiled machine, so we asked her to share her story and her top TigerLead tips with you!

Rhonda decided to pursue a TigerLead license as part of a plan to grow her business – she was looking for a way to change things up and came across some great testimonials from our licensees.  Rhonda and her team have stellar follow up and as a result, she started seeing a return on her investment right away – she wrote her first TigerLead contract on the third day of her license, and closed with her first lead 59 days after her launch date.  The secret to Rhonda’s follow up?  “I responded like lightning and didn’t try to discard or ‘rate’ the lead. In other words, even if it was a low end price point or didn’t seem urgent, I worked every lead equally and aggressively.”

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With three licenses, Rhonda is a very busy Tiger:  “I have been in the biz for 20 years and never seen anything like it. You have to keep plowing the fields though. I work like a crazy person but love it and Tiger!”  So of course it’s important to have a plan of attack – Rhonda recommends taking the following steps first thing, every time you log into the dashboard.  First, check your Priority Leads (for each license, if you need to) – every one of Rhonda’s Priority Leads always has a flurry of activity logged.  Second, check the Activity Log for each agent to stay on top of your team.  Finally, pull reports.  The “Reports” section of your dashboard offers a number of single-click searches you can run to find leads who have overdue follow-up, leads without double contact (both phone and email), and leads that meet certain criteria, like a buying timeframe of the next 90 days.  As a team manager or an agent, these three steps will give you a good idea of the condition of your dashboard on any given day and what sort of follow up you should expect to be doing.

Rhonda also has a basic system in place for when she receives a new lead notification.  “If I’m with a client, I stop and shoot out an email asap, then follow up with call as soon as I’m available.  If I’m available, I call right away and follow up with an email or text – even if I speak with them.”  Paws Mobile can be particularly valuable when trying to keep track of your follow up when you’re away from the office.  It makes it easy to take a few moments to send an email from your dashboard using your phone, even when you’re with a client – because remember, responding “like lightning” is key!

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And finally, here’s the best advice Rhonda thinks a new Tiger could receive – her four “DON’Ts” that keep you focused, prevent leads from slipping through the cracks, and boost that enviable ROI!

Don’t expect every lead to be perfect!  Rhonda’s team initially works every lead that comes in with the same effort, without “rating” the leads, but makes sure to also prioritize follow up for the leads that are active and responsive.  Mark their contact info valid or invalid, update their status, and keep moving!

Don’t discard leads! Rhonda says she’s closed at least 2-3 clients this year that came in as rentals – she put them in touch with her lender and they worked as a team to get the leads qualified to purchase.

Don’t turn your phone off!  You can’t respond to lead notifications right away if you don’t see them right away.  The first ten to fifteen minutes are often crucial, so make sure you are able to reach out to the leads as quickly as possible!

Don’t NOT follow up!  You’ll never close a sale for a lead that you don’t follow up with.  You never know if that low price point lead has a pack of cousins to refer you to for your superb service, or if the 888-999-0000 phone number would be super responsive by email.  Reach out to your leads and reap the rewards!

Our thanks go out to Rhonda for sharing her Tiger tips with us, and for allowing us to share them with you!