Monitor Your Team’s Follow Up with the Performance Dashboard

TigerLead’s goal is to help you grow your business, and that includes growing and challenging yourself and your team, the heart of that business. We have some fantastic tools on the Paws Dashboard that give you the power to set concrete goals for yourself or your team, strive for continuous improvement and maintain accountability, none more so than our Performance Dashboard.


The focus of the Performance Dashboard is making sure that every lead is receiving prompt and persistent phone follow up, and tracking that follow up over time. The dashboard calculates metrics on a weekly and monthly basis for each Paws user and tracks how quickly leads are called and how many calls have been logged per lead in the given time frame. These two metrics in particular give you insight into the immediacy and persistence of your follow up, both crucial for success with internet leads.

The Performance Dashboard also gives you a quantitative basis for setting goals for your own or your team’s follow up and for seeing how you are meeting or exceeding those goals. Seeing that you have called your leads 25% more quickly than last week is more satisfying and more motivating than “I think I’ve been quicker about calling my leads this week.”

Performance Dashboard Week to Week 2

You can start by setting high expectations in your written follow up system. If you’re following our 10 Steps to High Conversion and looking at your Performance Dashboard for the previous month, you should be seeing time-to-call ratios around 15-20 minutes or less and at least 6 calls logged per lead. If that’s not the case, it’s time to take a deeper look. You can click on the name of a month or a specific week and see exactly which leads haven’t been called and use the notes in the lead’s file to find out why. Of course, your written system should be outlining the standard response. From there, it’s time to set more ambitious and challenging goals and look for continuing improvement. This can take the form of friendly office competition to see who can follow up fastest, for example.

Performace Dashboard Week to Week

However, any analysis is only as good as the data that goes into it, so here are some simple ways to make sure your Performance Dashboard is accurate:

1. Call your leads as soon as you can and log every call. If it wasn’t logged, it didn’t happen.

2. Not in the office when you get a new lead? Log the call in Paws Mobile to reduce your time to call.

3. Make sure to select the “Phone” activity when logging a call. If you accidentally logged the call as a note, the dashboard will not count it.

4. Log a call for discarded leads. Even if the phone number is wrong, log a phone activity with a note that the number is incorrect to ensure that all of your leads are marked as called.

If you’ve got questions on how your Performance Dashboard works, or would like some ideas on how to use it for goal-setting and motivation, just contact Tiger Support!