New Paws Feature Released

Lead: When you send me emails can you also include my (spouse, work email, investment partner, grandma, etc.)?

Whether you are on the go or at your desk, the answer to the above question should always be, “Yes, I’d love to!”.  With this latest feature there is no more need for separate lead files and no more copying & pasting email addresses.  PAWS now allows you to send emails to multiple addresses for a lead at the click of your mouse or a tap of your finger.  A lead is very rarely navigating the murky waters of real estate as a lone wolf.  We need to remember that leads are people, people have families, and each family member probably has at least one email address.


How it works:
When adding emails for a lead, select the checkbox: “always send emails to this address”.  All emails and listing alerts will be sent to these addresses automatically.  Don’t forget to add a name so you can send to both Husband<> and Wife<>.
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Other useful things to know about this feature:
 – You can send emails to up to 5 email addresses per lead, but you can always make a last minute adjustment to the recipient list if you need to.
 – Don’t have the time? Leads can add and edit emails from their settings page on your search site. Easy.
 – People may individually unsubscribe from listing alerts. So if both husband and wife are signed up for listing alerts, the one can unsubscribe without affecting the other.
 – Paws will hide Invalid and unsubscribed emails on the lead’s file to get them out of the way. Show all emails by clicking the “Show all” link within the email section. Of course, this link is only available if there are other emails to show.


Tiger Product Team