Why Fast Response Matters

If you’ve worked with internet leads for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard that a fast response time is crucial. But how important is response time really? And what qualifies as a fast response?

Incidentally, response time has a tremendous impact on your likelihood of reaching a lead. A three-year research study conducted by James Oldroyd, PhD of Ohio State University, and David Elkington, CEO of InsideSales.com showed that your chances of reaching a lead are dramatically higher – specifically, up to ten (10) times higher – within the first 5 minutes of receiving a lead.

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Data Source: http://www.leadresponsemanagement.org/lrm_study

While that might seem surprising, keep in mind the psychology of an internet lead. When a consumer evaluates a website, they’re essentially looking for two things: information and/or service. If they don’t get either of those things within the first few minutes, there is absolutely nothing to stop them from moving on to another website. That means the lead needs to be impressed from the moment they reach your search site.

When it comes to providing information on your search site, TigerLead’s got you covered. The clean design and user-friendly format make it easy for the leads to navigate, with the average site visitor viewing over 10 pages per session. And with state-of-the-art map search capabilities and listings updated every 15 minutes, it’s no wonder that over 58% of leads come back to the site within a single day.

It’s the other aspect of the lead experience – service – where you come in! You’ll receive an email and/or text message notification for any new Tiger leads, along with any information that the lead’s provided about their home search, so you can be ready with relevant information right away. When you call a lead within 5 minutes of them registering, there’s a solid chance that they’ll still be at their computer or on their mobile device when you speak with them. Once you mention your TigerLead site, you’re combining a fast and easy user experience with five-star customer service. Any other search sites the lead might have been looking at get blown out of the water.

“So pounce on those leads in the first 5 minutes, tigers, and let us know your favorite success stories!

– Ashley C., TigerLead Client Services Team Lead

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