Keep Better Track of Follow-ups

Hi Tigers,

Great News! We’ve made it even easier to keep track of your follow-ups in Paws. Starting today, you can add multiple follow-ups for a lead to manage your follow-up plans or keep track of key dates, such as birthdays. You can also assign follow-ups to team members so nothing gets lost.

Set Multiple Follow-ups
Have a couple key dates for a lead that you need to remember? Have a follow-up plan that you want to execute? In Paws you are now able to set multiple follow-up dates for a lead at any given time.


Assign a Follow-up and Add a Quick Note
Working in a team? Assign a follow-up to a specific person to have them reminded on their dashboard when the follow-up is due. Now what was I supposed to do again? Add a quick note to any follow-up.

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Mobile and Desktop
Follow-ups are available in Mobile and Desktop


Mark Follow-ups as Completed
Keep track of your completed follow-ups by marking them as completed.


Follow-up Clean Up
Too many overdue follow-ups? Licensee Users can clean up old follow-ups by going to Settings > Follow-ups. This will remove all old overdue follow-ups.


As always, if you have any questions or feedback please send it into or call (888) 844-3744.

The Tiger Team!