FiveStreet and Tiger Just Got a Little Friendlier

Hi Tigers,

Great News! Fivestreet now integrates directly with Paws! Any new leads aggregated into FiveStreet will now be sent to Paws and automatically assigned when claimed by an agent. Pretty cool, huh?


If you haven’t checked out FiveStreet, it is a great addition to Tiger.

  • Automatic assignment to agents within Paws
  • Broadcast leads to your available agents
  • All leads enhanced with Social bio data
  • Automatic response within 5 mins via text message
  • New advanced routing rules

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Getting Started

Send Leads from FiveStreet to Tiger
EACH agent will need to setup their account to send leads into Paws. All they need is their TigerLead username.


Configure Email Response via FiveStreet OR Paws

  • Recommended: Use Tiger’s email auto-responder to keep track of email responses in Paws. You’ll want to “Turn-Off” email response in FiveStreet in order not to send a duplicate messages.
  • OR If you want to use the Fivestreet to send emails, reach out to to disable Tiger’s email auto-response


Send Tiger Leads to FiveStreet

  • Update your notifications email to the address.


  • OR Send TigerLead notifications to a Gmail account and use FiveStreet’s Gmail connector.

Other Existing TigerLead Configurations

  • We recommend using FiveStreet to aggregate all leads. If you are using Tiger’s lead aggregator, replace it with FiveStreet.
  • Consider turning off any round-robins to avoid duplicate assignments and confusion.

As always, send any questions/feedback to or call us at 888.844.3744.

The Tiger Team