Product Updates to Paws and Your Search Sites

The Tiger Team has been busy this week! We’ve made a couple of changes to the leads table that should help you better identify where your leads are coming from. Also, we’ve made an update to your search sites to make it even easier for clients to search listings.

New Grid View
We now offer a third view option on your search results page that your clients are sure to love, the grid view! You can access the grid view in the top right of your search results.


Paws Updates:

The “Age” column now also includes “Source”
Some common acronyms you might see for source and what they mean:

  • TIG => Tiger Home Search Website. These leads registered on your sites!
  • FIV => FiveStreet!
  • BUY => General Buyer Inquiry for HandRaiser
  • SEL => General Seller Inquiry for HandRaiser
  • AGE =>Buyer Inquiry with a Property Request for HandRaiser

Leads Table

The “Last Login” column now includes “Domain” 
Domain basically refers to which sub-domain the lead is associated with. EX: DIL => You can still click on the domain link to be taken to the respective website.

The column with the “Globe” has been removed
To make room for the new features above and keep the focus on providing you with the information most relevant to your success, we have removed the “Globe” column (used to represent the keyword that was used to generate the lead).

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please reach out to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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