Mobile-Friendly Listing Alert Emails

Did you know listing alert emails are the single largest source of traffic for your TigerLead search website? They are also a great opportunity to show your prospective clients the value you can provide to them. That’s why our team has been hard at work conducting some very scientific experiments to test out new listing alert email designs. After much testing we’ve arrived at a winner and we think you’re going to like it!

New features include:

  • Mobile-responsive email so it looks great on any device!
  • Streamlined design to emphasize what’s most important to your clients – the listings!
  • Clear call-to-action to drive clients to your website to view more listings or contact you directly.

lightbulb-iconTip from Tiger Pros: Use listing alerts as a great reason to get in touch and show your value. You could start the conversation by saying…

“I’ve gone ahead and set you up with listing alerts based on your search criteria. Let me know if we need to adjust the search criteria.”


“You should be receiving homes from me. Are they in line with what you are looking for? If you are getting too many or too few homes, we can always tighten or loosen up the search.”

Use your Paws dashboard to dig deeper and see which of your leads are set up to receive listing alerts. Easily sort the list by new listing alerts sent, then find out which of your leads opened the alert and what listings they clicked. Cool, right? Follow the steps below to check it out.

Step 1: Login to Paws and go to Leads tab

Step 2: Click Reports link then click Received a Listing Alert under the Lead Activities section


Step 3: Use the sort by dropdown to sort by New Listing Emails Sent


Step 4: Click the “new” icon to see the lead’s activity related to the most recent listing alert email and then select “Click here” to view which listings in the email were viewed


Step 5: Listings that have been viewed will be indicated by the “eyeball” icon


Use this information to follow up with your leads personally and tailor the discussions based on their interest.

Adjust Listing Alert Defaults

You can manually adjust search criteria through the saved searches on Lead’s profile.

Listing alerts default to send in a weekly digest. However, some markets are too hot and a week is going to be too late. You can adjust the frequency to send out in a daily by editing the email alerts saved search.

What if My Leads Aren’t Receiving Listing Alerts?
You’ll want to make sure that your prospects are receiving listing alerts to keep you top of mind and stay engaged with your search site. When user signs up, they should receive their first listing alert in 24 hours, provided homes match their search criteria. Listing alerts thereafter are sent out “Weekly”, so if a lead has been around for while still has yet to receive a listing alert you should:

  • Check to make sure that they have a saved search.
  • Make sure that search has reasonable criteria that will give them some results.
  • Use this as an opportunity to reach out to the lead and show your value.

Follow these simple steps to identify leads who are not receiving listing alerts.

  1. Login to your Paws dashboard
  2. Select the Customize link under the Leads tab
  3. Scroll down to the Leads Having Activities section and choose + Listing Notifications Sent then select “Hide”
  4. Scroll down and select Search then sort by age to find older leads


If you have any questions about the new listing alert emails or how to run reports in Paws contact us at