New! Email and Text Templates in Paws

Are you tired of copying and pasting the same messages to different leads? We hear you! That’s why we’ve released a new template feature that will make it even easier to send messages from Paws and reduce the risk of typos. Our email and text templates will help you and your team systematize your follow up strategy so you can convert more leads to clients.

Now every user in Paws can now select from a list of pre-populated templates to quickly send emails and texts! This will save you tons of time, and help you to track all of your communications effortlessly within Paws. The new templates are easy to access and send on-the-go, right from your mobile phone.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to start from scratch. We’ve already added a number of templates, all specifically designed to help you start conversations and set more appointments! You’ll notice that several are designed specifically for texting.

Below you can find specific instructions for working with the new templates. Managing, editing, and assigning permissions for the templates is controlled by the licensee of the account. Don’t forget to share this exciting new feature with your team!

Managing Templates
Since templates are shared with everyone on the team, only licensees can manage templates by default. As the licensee you have the ability to create new templates, edit existing templates, or delete any unused templates. To do so click the Leads > Manage Templates. You can either edit or delete existing templates or click the New Templates button to add your own custom messaging.



Merge Codes
It’s so important to personalize your messaging to clients. With the templates feature you can use merge codes which allow you to add the person’s first name, full name, your full name, or your first name. The clients will appreciate the personalization of a short message specifically to them.

You can insert merge codes anywhere in a template by placing your cursor in the desired location and clicking one of the merge code links on the right side: #LeadFirstName, #LeadFullName, #MyFirstName, and #MyFullName.
Sample Email Template:


Manage Template Permissions
Do you want to allow your agents to create their own templates, or modify existing ones? That’s no problem! You can give any user in the system access to manage templates. Here’s how: Click the Team Management tab > Add / Edit Users > Select the Edit icon next to the desired user > Check Manage Templates in the Access section > Click Save.



The TigerLead Templates
We could have created a thousand different templates for every situation that you might run into in the real estate business, but we know you probably already have a lot of content that works for you. We’ve provided a number of templates to get you started – however, feel free to customize, add, or delete to make the templates work for you.

You’ll notice that many of the templates are best suited for text messaging. That being said, you can convert any of the  text templates to emails by simply adding a subject. What is important is the goal behind each message: to start conversations and set more appointments.

Example Email Templates

Subject: How are the listings?


Hi #LeadFirstName,

You should start to get emails from me with new listings in the area. Let me know if you want to tighten up the search criteria. I want to make sure I’m only sending you places you are interested in.

The point you are trying to make is: “A real estate professional is sending you listings, not a computer or a website. I’m here to help and I know what I’m doing.”

Example Text Message Template


Just want to make sure you know I am available by text… – #MyFullName

Some of the best leads are from busy professionals, but they don’t have the time to call or send an email. Send a quick note to tell them you are available by text if that is their preferred method of communication. It lets them know you are always available to them.