TigerLead’s Live View has a fresh new look!

It’s important to be able to access information about your leads in an instant. That’s why the Live View option in the Paws dashboard is such a popular feature, and why we’ve updated it to make it even better.

The Live View feature gives you a nearly real-time view into the activity on your TigerLead search site. Using an interactive and animated map experience, Live View will display users’ logins, searches, home views & favorites.

Fast Relevant Follow Up
Agents can use this feature to provide relevant and timely follow up for leads that are online at that moment, such as: “ Hi Jake,  Are you online? I have a couple places I think you’ll want to see.”

Showing off with Live View
Live View is also a great tool for recruiting and demonstrating the technology advantages your company offers its agents. Some agents even use the feature in listing presentations to win seller clients by showcasing their advanced buyer insights!

What’s New?

Fresh New Look: A clean, presentation-ready experience that is sure to impress. We expanded upon some of the great existing features and removed less valuable ones.


Present with Confidence: One of the key updates is that the experience will never timeout. You can be confident that Live View will continue to be connected to your TigerLead search site as long as you are online and logged into Paws.

Choose Your View:  Select the larger map view to highlight the location of properties – works great on mobile devices and tablets. You can also zoom out to more easily identify your most popular areas.


Summary of Today’s Activity: See a snapshot of how many logins, searches, home views and saved homes occurred that day.


View The Last Contact:  See the last time you contacted a lead right within Live View.  If the user is searching on the site but it has been a month since your last email or phone call, then chances are it is a good time to reach out.


View Past Activity: Switch to Demo Mode to pull in past activities to demonstrate how Live View works.

Until next time, have a great week Tigers!