What is TigerLead?

A premium, fully integrated marketing platform

TigerLead provides a premium, fully integrated marketing platform for real estate professionals. TigerLead products are not run-of-the-mill; our clients receive high-quality local buyer and seller leads, and are able to qualify and cultivate the hottest leads while incubating the warm ones through an intuitive lead management platform.

Coupled with our world-class customer support and service, TigerLead provides powerful, effective tools to help agents and teams cultivate, manage and close leads – and do more business.

High Quality Buyer & Seller Lead Generation

For us and our clients, it’s not just about the number of leads, it’s about the percentage of leads that turn into closings.

  • TigerLead markets on the largest search engines and real estate portals with a fanatical focus on lead quality.
  • Next, we optimize lead cultivation with automated intelligent listing alerts, sent through email and displayed on banner ads to monitor your prospects as they navigate online.
  • Finally, we measure every lead source and individual lead against a set of key quality metrics to ensure that our clients receive exclusive, high-quality leads that are worth your time.

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High Conversion IDX Websites

Our IDX home search websites are custom built for each one of our clients.

  • Your site users and prospects enjoy one of the most intuitive and user-friendly home search experiences available on the web, and a best-in-class mobile browsing experience.
  • Once they’ve registered as an active user on your site, the TigerLead suite of lead management tools enable you to observe exactly what they’re doing.
  • You stay one step ahead of your prospects’ wants and needs – so you’ll know exactly what your prospects are interested in before making initial contact.

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Cutting Edge Lead Management

Paws – our priority dashboard helps you identify the hottest leads in your database, so you know how to proceed most effectively.

  • Manage your entire team’s conversion rates and productivity through a transparent team dashboard
  • Productive, organized, integrated follow-up and incubation of leads
  • Easy, efficient collaboration between you and your preferred lenders (who can help share in the cost of the system)
  • Seamless integration with other CRM tools like Top Producer CRM
  • Daily or weekly listing emails customized and sent automatically

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