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Every click counts – benefit from a dedicated marketing manager

  • We expertly execute ad campaigns on your behalf. We leverage small details to deliver big results.
  • We collect unique insights into a homebuyer’s intent, allowing us to accurately predict prospect responses to the thousands of keywords we generate for your campaigns.
  • TigerLead clients benefit from a dedicated marketing manager assigned to manage campaign details and keep your ROI front of mind. Our expertise with ad campaigns optimizes your spend in the form of increased lead volume with higher conversion rates.

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Want to know which buyers & sellers want to talk to you now?

We’ll help you find the people who are raising their hands.

How does it work?

  • HandRaiser licenses generate both buyer and seller leads from a broad mix of high quality sources. This motivated blend of prospects are prime candidates to bolster your business. We employ thousands of highly targeted keywords and specialized ad copy to reach specific consumer groups. Pulling from a broader base of leads creates a license less susceptible to market fluctuations, able to deliver a consistently high rate of desirable leads.
  • HandRaiser leads are looking for agent assistance on relevant issues such as: individual property details, home values, information on new construction, information on pricing their home for sale, or may be seeking to be matched with an agent.