Anthony Knight

Before purchasing his first TigerLead license in 2010, Anthony had only been a licensed real estate agent for about a year. Working alone, he relied on generating leads through referrals and his sphere of influence. That same year he was named top producer in his brokerage with around 50 closed transactions, and was eager to grow and expand his business. He needed new sources of leads and recalled a conversation with his cousin in Idaho a couple of years ago about his great new lead generation system. That system was TigerLead.

Beginning with a single license, Anthony was able to steadily build his business. Soon he needed to hire an assistant to help him keep up with all the leads, then his first buyer’s agent… and then another… and another. The key was finding the right people who were open to technology and training them to understand how to work internet leads. “It’s different from more traditional leads like referrals. If you assign them 100 leads, they can’t expect to convert all 100.”

It wasn’t just the volume that was driving his growth. TigerLead also gave him the ability to reach relocation buyers, which form a large part of the Las Vegas market. “About 40% of my buyers are from California alone,” he says. Soon he was expanding, picking up more TigerLead licenses that would provide him with sellers as well as buyers. “It was a whole new world for my business.”

Anthony wasn’t afraid to ask for help to get started, and found the Client Services team to be a great resource. “There’s a learning curve for the first year at least. I’ve always had really good service, especially when I was a new licensee and needed help navigating the system. The customer service has been awesome. I never feel rushed or like I can’t take all the time I need on the phone with TigerLead.”

By now, Anthony has a total of seven Tigerlead licenses and works with a team of 10, including a full-time transaction coordinator and a lead caller that responds to new leads within 90 seconds of registration. They closed a whopping 300 transactions in 2013, and are poised for even bigger things in the coming year.

Anthony’s advice to new agents with Tigerlead is to focus on follow up. “It’s not just capturing the lead, but what you do afterwards that counts,” he said. An important component of follow up is immediate response to every lead, to make sure they don’t go find a competitor. “If you wait until the next day, you might lose them to someone else.”

Once they’ve been captured, Anthony says that the TigerLead search site and dashboard helps him hold onto leads over the long-term. “I just closed a transaction on lead that was 1142 days old, a cash buyer who was finally ready to retire. Last year I closed the very first lead I ever received with TigerLead, at about 900 days old. The leads don’t go away.”

When it comes to follow-up, he prioritizes quality over quantity and stays highly organized. “Don’t take on more leads than you can handle or communicate with. If you’re working the leads properly, be prepared to be very busy. Don’t let the volume catch you by surprise. If you’re structured and have a system in place, the return on investment is there. TigerLead allows me to be several years ahead of most people in our business by capturing internet buyers and sellers.”

Anthony was named one of the Top 20 Real Estate Agents in Nevada in 2013, and RealTrends listed him as one of America’s Top Agents for Nevada. He has also been included the Top 40 Under 40 for Las Vegas Real Estate Professions both in 2012 and 2013 and he’s currently featured on the cover of February’s Top Agent Magazine for Nevada: