Dominic Labriola

In 2007, Dominic Labriola was managing the #1 real estate team in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. But the crash hit Havasu early, and by the end of the year his team was wiped out. “We were a second home market, and no one was buying,” he says. They hadn’t done a single sale in months. Eventually he closed down his business and moved back home with his parents. “I wanted to get back into real estate but I knew I had to do something different than I was doing before. Tiger was the answer to a new way of doing business for me.”

It started in early 2008, when he got a phone call from TigerLead, and decided to watch our demo video. “I thought, WHOAH!, I have got to get that. I don’t know how I’ll get it, but I need it.” He borrowed the money to get started, and launched his network in June of 2008. It didn’t take long for it to start paying off.

“In the first 6 months, I sold ten houses. I mean, that was the middle of the meltdown, it was the worst real estate market Havasu had ever seen, and I was selling like crazy. It was amazing.” In 2009, he sold 27 houses. In 2010, he sold 45. Dominic’s and his team’s success was due to their collective efforts, but Dominic feels that TigerLead was an essential component of that success. Since then his team in Havasu has been consistently reaping the benefits of their TigerLead license.

Dominic’s story doesn’t end in Havasu, though. He moved to Los Angeles, where he picked up his second license in January 2012, and now sells real estate in the West Los Angeles area while his team maintains their license back in Havasu. One of the biggest advantages of the TigerLead system, Dominic says, is how it builds over time. “It’s a really user-friendly website that gets people to come back over and over for as long as it takes. We’re not just selling houses to my new leads, we’re also selling to leads that are two years, three years, five years old. These are people we would have long ago lost contact with, but because the TigerLead system keeps them coming back, we’re at the top of their mind when they’re finally ready to buy. We don’t have to leave anything on the table.”

Even so, Dominic is quick to point out that the TigerLead system isn’t just about great leads. It also helped him build and manage his team. “If you own an office or have a team, and have people working for you… to be able to assign specific leads to a particular agent, to have that layer of accountability, knowing how many phones calls they made and what their emails say, it’s an incredible team management tool.”

We asked Dominic what his favorite part of TigerLead is, and there was no hesitation with his answer. “The most valuable thing, to me, is the Dashboard. Being able to track who’s visiting your site, what they’re looking at, what homes they like, how often they come back… the level of information you get is just amazing. The leads are great too, but for me they’re almost a fringe benefit. I would buy the system even without the leads.”

What about advice for people who are just starting out with TigerLead? Dominic has some of that too: “Call the leads as SOON as you get them, and just figure out how you can help them! Be real. It’s just a relaxed conversation, approach the call as if you’re talking to a friend. Try to connect them to how they found you and tell them you’re calling to see what you can do for them. That’s the foundation of who we are. Come from a position of service. Help them be on a better path than they were prior to talking to you.”

As Dominic approaches his six-year anniversary with TigerLead, he’s off to a great start. In January of 2014, he personally sold $2.5M worth of homes, and his goal is to close $20M in transactions by the end of the year. With hard work and the TigerLead system, he has no doubt he’ll be able to achieve it.