Nicki Conway

In 2007, Nicki Conway was a single agent working for RE/MAX Alliance Group in Sarasota, FL. Since then she’s doubled her business, and is the leader of a successful award-winning team. What is the secret of her success? According to Nicki, it is TigerLead. “TigerLead changed my business and my life!”

Nicki licensed TigerLead in 2008 in the midst of the real estate crash – her supply of buyer leads was drying up, and she was looking to replenish it through online lead generation. Within a few months, while other agents were struggling to find buyers, Nicki had so much business that she needed to bring on extra help. She decided to set up a network of referral agents to help her handle all the leads she was getting. It started out with three referral agents, but even that wasn’t enough in the end. Today Nicki has eight referral agents, two buyer’s agents, and an inside sales agent, and her business is still growing steadily.

When we asked Nicki about the biggest impact TigerLead has had on her business, she said “It increased my business tremendously! It changed the way I view my business and made me think of myself more as a manager or CEO than an agent. I never would have thought of myself that way if it hadn’t been for Tiger”.

What is Nicki’s favorite thing about TigerLead? The Client Services staff! “When you’re doing business with a company, you need them to always be there when you need support and help.” According to Nicki, TigerLead has created a culture that brings everyone together for a common goal, both through the annual Success Summit and daily interactions with clients. “It’s always fun to do business with TigerLead!”

Helpful as ever, Nicki left us some sage advice for new TigerLead clients. “I always tell people, make that first call really fast, the faster the better,” she said. “Then follow up with an email. Find one thing, a listing they liked, an area of town, something to connect with the lead on a personal level and mention that in your phone conversation or email. Even if you can’t reach the lead, leave a voicemail! You want the lead to know that you’re serious about business, you care about them, and are a follow-through type of person.”

One of Nicki’s favorite deals was a TigerLead-generated lead who started out by buying a villa for $500,000 back in 2010. The lead also referred a friend and Nicki sold her friend a $650,000 house. Then In 2013, that client decided the villa was too small for her and her dog and asked Nicki to find a larger home. She listed that villa with Nicki and then bought an $800,000 home through her as well, making four great transactions with just one lead!